“If we can only stay on our feet, we’ll medal!”

These are the words of Minnesota speedskating silver medalist, Randy Bartz. Minnesotans, in the heart of theMidwest, have long been known for their humble nature and work ethic,and have long taken great pride in their athletics. Minnesota Gold celebrates the perseverance and triumphs of fifty-seven diverse homegrown athletes from 1948-2014 as they pursued their dreams to compete in the greatest international competitions. In this book of inspiring biographies, author Patrick “Packy” Mader shares the memorable conversations he had with these remarkable men and women who honored their sport, their state, and their country on the world stage over the last seven decades.

Discover true Minnesota gold! 

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Praise for Minnesota Gold

“Patrick Mader tracks down and interviews more than fifty living Minnesotans who made it to the absolute highest level in their respective sports.” —Dave Mona, WCCO Radio’s Sunday Sports Huddle

“A perfect ten.”—Don Shelby, broadcast journalist, author, and explorer

“A wonderful book . . . [Minnesota Gold’s] stories of courage, passion, and dedication will capture your heart.”—Jody Eder-Zdechlik, six-time All-American in cross country and track & field, University of Minnesota Athletics Hall of Fame member, recipient of the Big 10 Medal of Honor

“Provides new and entertaining information on some of Minnesota’s finest. For Minnesotans and sports fans alike.”—Joel Maturi, University of Minnesota Director of Athletics, 2002 – ’12

“Fascinating reading and great memories of sports in our Minnesota heritage. . . . an amazing and important part of our great state’s history.” —Walter L. Bush, Jr. Chairman, USA Hockey, Inc.

“This book shows that there is opportunity for anyone willing to dream and do.” —John Albrecht, US national speedskating team member 1982 – ’85 and ’87

“Each athlete’s story in Minnesota Gold gives insight into how a champion is born.”—Bob Hauck, St. Olaf College swimming and diving head coach, 1988 US Olympic swimming trials competitor

“The pride these gifted and hard-working athletes have in wearing USA on their uniform while representing the state of Minnesota will give you goose bumps the size of gold medals.”—from the foreword by Joe Schmit, Emmy-winning broadcaster and author of Silent Impact

“Profusely illustrated, “Minnesota Gold: Conversations with Northland Athletes Competing on the World Stage” is a unique and absolutely absorbing read which is very highly recommended, not only for Minnesota sports fans, but as a template for others to emulate in presenting similar studies of sports and athletics in other states and regions of the country. Informed and informative, “Minnesota Gold” is certain to be an enduringly popular addition to all Minnesota community and academic library collections!”

James A. Cox
Midwest Book Review

57 Featured Athletes in Minnesota Gold
  • Wendy Anderson
  • Ron Backes
  • Randy Bartz
  • Tony Benshoof
  • Ali Bernard
  • Ruben Bjorkman
  • Duane Bobick
  • Henry Boucha
  • Micah Boyd
  • Jessica Diggins
  • Kari Erickson
  • Janet Gerhauser
  • Kara (Grgas-Wheeler) Goucher
  • Burdette Haldorson
  • Sara Reiling Hildebrand
  • Steve Holman
  • Mike Houck
  • George Hovland
  • Toni Jameson
  • Tami Jameson
  • Jim Johannson
  • Bob Kempainen
  • Janis Klecker
  • Kris Kuehl
  • Mark Ladwig
  • Manny Lagos
  • Stacy Liapis
  • Mark Lutz
  • Tom Malchow
  • Shani Marks
  • Jim Mastro
  • John Mayasich
  • Angus Morrison
  • Gary Neist
  • Van Nelson
  • Lindsay Nielsen
  • John Nightingale
  • Bob Paradise
  • Jenny (Schmidgall) Potter
  • Trina Radke
  • Alan Rice
  • Kaylin Richardson
  • Phil Rogosheske
  • Gene Sandvig
  • Susie Scanlan
  • Buzz Schneider
  • Matt Schnobrich
  • Brianna Scurry
  • Steve Sertich
  • Tim Sheehy
  • Amanda Smock
  • Don Timm
  • Carrie Tollefson
  • Carolyn Treacy
  • Lindsay Whalen
  • Lindsay Williams
  • Greg Windsperger
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